Understanding Muzzle Brakes and How They Make a Difference Concerning Accuracy

Often we find ourselves preoccupied in conversation about rifles, carefully analyzing various specs and other finer details over a campfire, during a lunch break at work, or somewhere else where someone would be a willing listener. When someone talks long enough about rifles, and specifically about the Magnum brand, then sooner or later the subject of muzzle brakes would come up.

One can conjure up sufficient information about the subject when you ask your buddies, peruse the internet, or even consult with a gunsmith or gun shop owner. You may have wondered do muzzle brakes work, or what percentage recoil reduction you will get from having a brake fitted, or even what makes them so loud? Let’s shed some light on the matter.

Brakes direct much of the gas out the side rather than through the end. Thus, counteracting the rearward thrust rifle shooter have to contend with a lot of the time.

The bigger the angle through which the gases are diverted, the more efficient the brake will be. The only unfortunate thing about making use of a muzzle brake is the increased sideways blast your crew would be subjected to.

Brakes are constructed of various steel baffle plates that are shaped to let the projectile escape while it captures a big portion of gasses. The gasses would pass through the baffles and be thrust forward on the brake before it escapes through the ports. The greater the surface of the baffle, the more gas energy would be used to counteract recoil.

For any prone shooter, especially on the dirty, dusty or sandy ground, muzzle blast turns out to be a major bummer. The blast ends up being very disturbing, and not just for the one pulling the trigger, but for those on either side of the rifle as well. Some brakes send massive shockwaves towards the shooter while other brands propel the blast towards the ground thereby kicking dirt and debris into the shooter’s face. If a shooter were aware of debris and shockwaves, they would make very different choices and opt for high-quality brands like the triple-port muzzle brake by MadHouse Design.

Interesting Findings Concerning Muzzle Brakes

A trusted madhouse design rifle manufacturing company carried out some useful tests to determine the effectiveness of muzzle brakes in general.

They found that the best accuracy of any particular brake brand was achieved with an exit hole diameter of 0.020-inches. If the hole is too small, then accuracy would suffer. Then again, should the exit hole be too shallow, the metal surrounding the hole would erode too quickly?

Placement of the Hole

The most effective brakes were the ones with a brake diameter of one inch and a ¾-inch exit hole on either side, situated just in front of the muzzle. The bullet itself would pass through a cone that is angled at 35 degrees before exiting the brake. While shooters would experience a fantastic recoil reduction, the same cannot be said of how loud it sounds.

How Bottom Gas Venting Aids Accuracy

It’s been found that brakes that do not feature enough holes have an effect on your accuracy. Apparently, it does something to the bullet as it pushes the air ahead of the bullet and creates an unequal turbulence that the bullet has to follow. A couple of brakes have been tried that only feature holes on the top. The results were not great until a few more holes were made on the bottom, which greatly improved accuracy.

Did you know that the higher the pressure of a round fired, the more effective your brake would be? One example would be the 220 Swift that is regarded as the king of reduction. The Weatherby and Remington brands follow closely.

Another thing that is of utmost importance when it comes to improving accuracy is the muzzle brake installation process. In other words, precision installation is key to accuracy.

In a lot of cases, further studies are required regarding the effectiveness of brakes under certain conditions. However, avid shooters would all agree that precision installation is essential to ensure accuracy. Any poorly-installed and misaligned brake will certainly downgrade your accuracy levels.

Head over to https://madhousedesign.com/ to find out how their newly designed triple-port muzzle brakes can make a difference in your recoil reduction, sound levels experienced, and overall accuracy when pulling the trigger.

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