Is a Grants Pass Dentist visit, Worth it for People with Uneven Teeth?

To get a better idea of what is involved with Invisalign, let’s take a look at a basic overview:

Invisalign is often misspelled as “Invisaline.” Dentists in Grants Pass aptly describe it as less noticeable aligners that are suitable alternatives to metal braces for the purposes of correcting overbites, crowded or crooked teeth, and gaps between teeth.

The treatment process involves the wearing of a series of clear plastic orthodontic trays referred to as aligners. These are custom made to fit the needs of the patient. No need to worry about any brackets or metal wires. What is more, the aligners can be removed when required for short periods, which makes it easy to eat and brush your teeth than it would be when wearing traditional braces.

The final results are mostly influenced by the willingness of the patient to wear the aligners, how experienced the dentist is as well as the degree of movement required for your teeth.

The cost of Invisalign works out on average to be around $4,500 and is based on numerous factors. You may have some questions about Invisalign that requires an answer. What are some of the most prominent questions people ask? Let’s take a look.

What Does Invisalign Aligners Look Like and What Are They Made Of?

Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible and made from thermoplastic materials that are uniquely designed to accommodate the treatment plan implemented by orthodontists. They look similar in appearance to teeth-whitening trays and are custom made so your teeth can be moved in a particular sequence as determined by your dental practitioner.

How Do Aligners Manage to Straighten Your Teeth?

During the treatment, you will be furnished with many different aligners. Each of these would enforce slight adjustments to the position of your teeth. This is a process that is already mapped out in advance by your dental professional. When the aligners are placed on your teeth, they will cause the teeth to shift from its current position systematically. After only two weeks, you will start to use the next set of aligners to continue the straightening procedure.

How Does Invisalign Move Your Teeth?

Invisalign aligners move your teeth through the use of a patented thermoplastic design and a calculated placement of controlled pressure. The key difference being that Invisalign not only manages the pressure but the timing aspect of the force application as well. During every stage, only certain teeth would be moved as determined by the Grants Pass Dentist who would have devised a unique Invisalign treatment plan.

What are Some of the Primary Benefits of Using Invisalign?

Some of the advantages in using Invisalign you can look forward to would include:

  • The fact that it is virtually invisible is a major advantage as other people would hardly notice that you are wearing them.
  • As the aligners are removable, it makes Invisalign a suitable option that will match your lifestyle.
  • As mentioned before, users have the flexibility to remove their aligners when eating or to drink during the treatment process. It comes in handy for when you need to brush or floss your teeth to achieve good oral hygiene and fresh breath.
  • There are no brackets or metal wires that result in an irritation within your mouth like you would experience when wearing traditional braces.
  • Another huge plus is that you will spend less time in the dentist’s chair seeing that there is no need for wire or metal adjustments as is the case with standard braces.
  • The patient can take a look at virtual results and the treatment plan they would go on before the dentist would commence with Invisalign treatment. This way, they can see what the straightened teeth would look like once the treatment is complete.

Aligners should be worn for at least 20 to 22 hours a day to ensure the best results and outcome.

When Allen Creek Dental was asked by some of their patients if wearing Invisalign would affect their ability to kiss their partner, they commented that it shouldn’t change anything as in most cases, the person wearing the Invisalign are more conscious of themselves than the significant other.

Check out an Allen Creek dentist in action!

But, what if you are experiencing a lot of pain when wearing Invisalign? There are a couple of things you can do to remedy the situation. Community members in the Grants Pass area suggest you either use wax to cover the rough edges of the aligners or request your dentist to file it down.

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